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Tom Ivacko

Executive Director of CLOSUP
Tom joined CLOSUP at its founding in the fall of 2001 and serves as executive director of the Center. He also directs the Michigan Public Policy Survey (MPPS) program and has been the lead or co-author on more than 75 MPPS publications covering a…

Natalie Fitzpatrick

Project Manager
Natalie joined CLOSUP in 2015 and serves as project manager for the CLOSUP Fiscal Health Project and assists with project management for the Michigan Public Policy Survey (MPPS). She also manages CLOSUP's web and social media outreach activities. She…

Debra Horner

Senior Program Manager
Debra joined CLOSUP in 2008, helped design and launch the Michigan Public Policy Survey (MPPS), and serves as the senior program manager for the MPPS. In addition to her work at CLOSUP, Debra has been a regular lecturer in U-M's Political Science…

Jankeesh Sandhu

Research and Data Specialist
Jankeesh joined CLOSUP in May 2022 and serves as the Research and Data Specialist. She is involved in research, data analysis, and reporting on the Michigan Public Policy Survey and on the Fiscal Health Project. She also performs a full range of ad…

Bonnie Roberts

Program Administrator
Bonnie joined CLOSUP in August 2008. She is responsible for coordinating various events and projects, as well as office and grant administration. She has a B.S. in Urban and Regional Planning from Eastern Michigan University. Before joining CLOSUP,…