Despite increased approval of state government performance, Michigan's local leaders are concerned about the state's direction

August 2011

This report presents the opinions of Michigan's local government leaders regarding the direction in which the state is headed, as well as their evaluations of the job performance of Governor Rick Snyder and the Michigan Legislature. These findings are based on statewide surveys of local government leaders in the Spring 2011 wave of the Michigan Public Policy Survey (MPPS). Overall, 50% of the state's local leaders think the state is on the wrong track. The local leaders do give higher marks to state policymakers today than they did back in the fall of 2009, though 36% rate the Legislature's performance as poor, while only 21% rate it as good or excellent. The percentages are flipped regarding Governor Snyder, for whom 36% of local leaders rate his performance as good or excellent while 22% rate it as poor.