April 20 Webinar - Michigan Redistricting: Making Public Hearings Fair and Effective

April 20, 2021

Apr 20, 2021
7:00-8:00 pm EDT
Virtual Event

Watch the 4/20 Webinar: "Michigan Redistricting: Making Public Hearings Fair and Effective"
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In 2018 Michigan voters approved a Constitutional amendment to change how redistricting is done in the state, removing the process from the purview of the state legislature and placing it in the hands of a new Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (MICRC). The amendment also prescribes priorities the MICRC must address when drawing new district maps, placing the concept of “communities of interest” (COIs) near the top of the list. 

At this webinar, MICRC Commissioners Douglas Clark, Rebbeca Szetela and Dustin Witjes will introduce themselves and discuss plans for their first public hearings, which will take place all over the state in May and June. Then, a panel of redistricting experts from a variety of states will share key lessons for fair and effective public hearings, and will offer tips to Michigan’s Commissioners, COIs, and the public as they prepare for the hearings.