A Close Examination of Recent Pollinator Policy

April 2021
KT Meono

Over the past 12 years, more research has been done on the importance of pollinators in our environment and lives. Therefore, governmental policies on a state level are of special consequence at this time. To investigate this, an inventory of state pollinator policies in the year 2020 was done through this paper. These policies were categorized based on both content and context. It was then discovered that among the 17 bills examined, there are several discernible trends. Within these policies, the size of the agricultural industry in a state does appear to affect the likelihood of that state having pollinator conservation policies; the larger the industry, the more likely it is. Finally, more state policies that were passed used the tactic of optional compliance rather than forced or required actions. This inventory, therefore, can act as guidance to future policymakers as it shows what patterns exist in current laws about pollinator conservation.