Fall 2013 Michigan Public Policy Survey Homepage

The Fall 2013 Michigan Public Policy Survey

Input on questionnaire design for the Fall 2013 MPPS was provided by the following people:

  • Valerie Benka, University of Michigan
  • Christopher Borick, Muhlenberg College
  • Christopher Gore, Ryerson University
  • Ryan Holeywell, Governing Magazine
  • Lisa Kingsmore, Ryerson University
  • Emma Maack, University of Michigan
  • Sarah Mills, University of Michigan
  • Michael Pagano, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • John Pottow, University of Michigan
  • Chad Rogers, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
  • Ruth Tabak, University of Michigan

The final questionnaire design reflects decisions made the CLOSUP MPPS staff, which may not represent the views of advisory committee members or others who provided input.