Spring 2017 Michigan Public Policy Survey Homepage

The Spring 2017 Michigan Public Policy Survey

Input on questionnaire design for the Spring 2017 MPPS was provided by the following people:

  • Barry Burden, University of Wisconsin
  • Bob Bruner, Michigan Municipal Services Authority
  • Doug Chapin, University of Minnesota
  • Cindy Davis, Michigan Townships Association
  • Shanna Draheim, MML
  • Luke Forrest, Michigan Municipal League
  • Joshua Franzel, Center for State & Local Government Excellence
  • Eric Lupher, Citizens Research Council of Michigan
  • Larry Merrill, Michigan Townships Association
  • William SaintAmour, Municipal Employees Retirement System of Michigan
  • Charles Stewart III, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Sally Williams, Michigan Bureau of Elections

The final questionnaire design reflects decisions made by the CLOSUP MPPS staff, which may not represent the views of advisory committee members or others who provided input.